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Sep 26

Trine Co-op Part 2 w/ George

Trine 2 Co-op Part 1 w/ George

Guild Wars 2 - Cloven Hoof Pass/Trebusha Overlook Vistas + Announcement

Gladefall Run Vista + Lake Desolann Pol+Stream Link!

Recap: Twilight Arbor (Compost Heaven)

Request For Ideas Plus Dead/Funny Voice

Sep 2

whatarewenowthen-deactivated201 said: Jenny's sending me links to all your shit dude D: not actually saying this is shit just using the word shit because yanno, it's a fun word, I guess it could also be a smelly word idk what I'm saying now, I think I've found you on every social networking sites you have because of her awk and just so you know I shall never return to your blog because I feeling like an over obsessed stalker... Anyway, that "I love you" wasn't her, t'was me ;)


-George (Nice, constructive, well though out response)

My shit is the best kind of shit I’ll have you know! It is refined and a lot of effort goes into making it the best pile of manure I can!

-Mike (sarcastic bugger who also added George’s name… damn you!)

Guild Wars 2 Headstart Day 1 Recap

Guild Wars 2 - Character Creation (My Character)

AD Ezreal w Girlfriend (jenmp7o)

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